Rachel and Melissa visit Italy!

Last weekend was the weekend we had all been waiting for, Venice Carnevale and our good friends studying in Barcelona, Rachel and Melissa, were coming to visit!! We heard the amazing things about Carnevale; the wine fountain, chocolate deserts, huge parades! Unfortunately, it turned out that the day we decide to go to the famous carnevale festival, hurricane Venezia decided to roll through…

what I looked like for most of the day in Venice

Other than the interesting weather we were able to make the most of our trip with the girls. We had to take them to all of our favorite restaraunts in Florence, which meant a weekend full of eating and lots of wine as usual.


gusta pizza…no words.


braving the windstorm at the beautiful piazza Michelangelo

Our favorite place being piazza Michelangelo, with the best views of Florence, was our second stop, after purchasing two bottles of wine and prosecco of course.


my bestie Rachel and I at the piazza.


 Our night began at Kikuya for the infamous dragoon beer…

dragoons, one will get ya...

dragoons, one will get ya…

Then of course to lions…


The next day we had to wake up super early to get on the bus to venice…and so the adventure begins.

matching umbrellas & heinekens

matching umbrellas & heinekens

then rachel's umbrella broke

then rachel’s umbrella broke..


trying to get lost in Venice

still living it up in the rain

still living it up in the rain

The next day back in Firenze we finished their trip with the last minute touristy things including shopping at the leather factory.

rubbing the snout for good luck

rubbing the snout for good luck



Ponte Vecchio





casual jumping pic at the duomo

casual jumping pic at the duomo

We took on the storm of Italy and we CONQUERED it!!

Amazing weekend with great friends, making memories we will never forget!

Cheers to another great weekend in Italy, falling in love with this place even more every day!

What adventure will it bring us next?



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