Eat fresh and local!

So if you have been keeping up with my blog you probably saw in my last post that I have been in the cherry selling business this summer. Well, I guess selling cherries at farmers markets doesn’t really count as “getting into the business”, but never the less I was really into it! I worked at four different markets a week, my favorites being St. Helena in Napa and Danville.


in St. Helena. red truck, red tent, red outfit, red cherries!

While working in farmers markets I really learned to appreciate locally grown produce. The people working the stands around me devote their lives to making the best quality fruit for their customers and they take pride in their work. I have never been worried about eating organic or stuff like that but when it comes to eating locally grown foods, now I think that is something we can all try to do.

trying peaches, yum!

trying peaches, yum!


I challenge you to buy a basket of locally grown strawberries at the farmers market and then one at Safeway and tell me which is better. I guarantee it will be the one from the market.

fresh tomatoes, doesn't get better!

fresh tomatoes, doesn’t get better!

Not only will the produce taste better but it is also safer for you to eat, even if it is not organic. When eating locally grown foods you do not have to worry about the unknown questions such as what pesticides are used, how the produce was shipped and what countries it had to pass through to get to you. The produce comes straight from the farm to you and the farmer is usually there so you can ask all the questions you want.



Farming is becoming a career of the past, because people would rather go buy their produce from a supermarket than go to the local farmers market. Buying locally will not only help keep the agriculture business alive in your area but will also benefit you and your family.

my locally grown and fresh dinner! plus a little Tuscan Chianti

my locally grown and fresh dinner! plus a little Tuscan Chianti

The other night after shopping our local farmers market I made a locally grown and fresh dinner. The pesto was made from the basil in my mom’s garden, the mozzarella for the caprese from our local cheese store, tomatoes and squash from the market,  and organically grown chicken from our local grocery store. Here is the link for the balsamic chicken recipe!

If you want to read more about why eating locally can benefit you and society visit this blog and website! Also if you are from the Northern California area then use this website to find a local farmers market closest to you!



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